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There are thousands of apps your child can install and use. How can you be sure these apps are safe?

Understanding what apps your child is using and if they are risky

If you choose to use Family Zone on your child’s Apple iOS or Android smartphones and tablets, our cyber experts will keep you up-to-date on all the trending apps & games, outlining the risks and features of each app.

How do we keep you aware of risky apps and games?

  • You can see what apps are currently installed on your child’s personal devices and access our review for each app.
  • If your child installs a new app that our cyber experts consider risky, you'll be notified and provided with recommendations.
  • App and game reviews are also available from this Cyber Safety Hub at the top of this page.

Need more help? Watch the How-To video on this page or check out the How-To guide here.

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Installing Family Zone

Your account also allows you to monitor your child’s other personal devices like mobile phones and tablets.

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